Sunday, October 28, 2007

One Week Later

The Oak just on the other side of the Blue Spruce has changed a lot. Of course the blue sky and 70 degree temperatures add to the picture. I stood a little closer last week.
The tree across from my Mom's house is dropping all its leaves and making the yard a golden yellow. See how full the tree was only a week ago.
This is a beautiful Oak one block over from where I grew up. It was the edge of town then. I remember the ditch for the utilities down the middle of the street was so so so deep for a little kid. Years later while serving in the USAF and stationed in France our base golf course considered the old trenches from WWI to be the hazards. I think they were even deeper than the ditch down 18th St.
A freshly planted Maple sitting next to the recently re-modeled original farm house. This building sits on the corner and used to have the best Jonathan Apple tree right in the front yard. They were so good when I was growing up. They had to remove the tree but the property looks wonderful and fresh.

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