Monday, October 29, 2007

In the yard

Just one week ago these three Maples dominated the corner. Now the leaves are on the lawn creating a different take on red. Notice the Sumac in the background against the side of the house, they're just getting a good start.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Black Walnuts

A few things about this magnificent Black Walnut tree just across the street from the original farm house. It used to provide lots of fruit. Hard to get into and very messy but the reward was one of my favorite treats. To this day my favorite ice cream is Black Walnut. The leaves you see are the only ones left, not because the others dropped but because the tree is dying. By this time next year it will have been taken out. What a sad story. The Black Walnut trees in Boulder are being attacked by a beetle and more than 200 will be taken down within a few months. A full story is written in the Boulder Camera with a link to a PDF map showing all tree locations. Hey, it's a good map of Boulder with the neighborhoods named and shaded different colors.

This is getting good

This Oak on Glenwood is really getting its colors right. Last week it was just starting to get going. This picture should be with the post One Week Later but it can stand on its own.

One Week Later

The Oak just on the other side of the Blue Spruce has changed a lot. Of course the blue sky and 70 degree temperatures add to the picture. I stood a little closer last week.
The tree across from my Mom's house is dropping all its leaves and making the yard a golden yellow. See how full the tree was only a week ago.
This is a beautiful Oak one block over from where I grew up. It was the edge of town then. I remember the ditch for the utilities down the middle of the street was so so so deep for a little kid. Years later while serving in the USAF and stationed in France our base golf course considered the old trenches from WWI to be the hazards. I think they were even deeper than the ditch down 18th St.
A freshly planted Maple sitting next to the recently re-modeled original farm house. This building sits on the corner and used to have the best Jonathan Apple tree right in the front yard. They were so good when I was growing up. They had to remove the tree but the property looks wonderful and fresh.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nothing to do with Fall Colors

Off the island of Cozumel after an afternoon of snorkeling. The captain was on the stern of the boat calling me in. As you might guess I just wasn't ready to go. Got to love those water proof cameras.
Christmas with Mom and Santa Clause.
Alfred "chicken winging it at Pole Creek up in the Fraiser Valley.
My buddy Shawn cooking me dinner at the Red Lion.
This bowl finally accomplished the goals I had set out for myself ten years earlier. The drawing is inspired by Kandinsky.
I love this picture from the Barnsly Farm showing the gate that holds the cow when dispensing drugs.

Strong Reds from 2006

Doesn't get much better than this.
Oak leaves from a tree in north Boulder.
Beautiful Sumac on a street named Sumac. Go figure.
A small bush in my Mom's back yard.

Fall Crocus

Fall Crocus send up their flowers with no greens in the fall. The pistils are the source of Saffron a well known herb most notably used in Paella.
Mom grows her Fall Crocus in a field of gravel. In the spring the bulbs send up greens which die off after a few weeks. They use this time to build their vitality for the blooming shown here.
The Fall Crocus bloom about the same time the Crab Apple Tree starts dropping its apples.
Nice close up of a wide open invitation to the pollinators.
In the morning, each and every morning, the flowers are closed, waiting for the warmth of the sun to open before accepting the pollinating bees. Unfortunately being hybrids the flowers are sterile and all the fun the bees are having will have no affect on the plant.

Fall Colors 2007

Just across the street from Mom's house. Sometimes when the sun reflects off this tree into the house it makes everything bright yellow. This tree is totally out of control. When the wind blows I think sometime it just might snap some branches it wiggles so much.
Four different trees with different colors, of course the Blue Spruce will not change with the seasons.
October 21, 2007 and this Oak on Glenwood is just starting to gain some color.
Half way to my mother's house a corner lot has three wonderful Red Maples and a beautiful Blue Spruce. It's always a treat to drive past this intersection.
This Maple shades my patio during the summer and turns beautiful colors in the fall before dropping its leaves on my patio. It looks so skinny in this picture but it does a great job overseeing my house. This picture really surprised me.
Same tree I pictured a year ago on the previous post. What a nice highlight to driving home. At the east end of the parking lot where my little Fiat lives.

Fall Colors 2006

Such a nice place to park your truck, just outside your condo. The beautiful tree shades the patio.
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