Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Colors 2007

Just across the street from Mom's house. Sometimes when the sun reflects off this tree into the house it makes everything bright yellow. This tree is totally out of control. When the wind blows I think sometime it just might snap some branches it wiggles so much.
Four different trees with different colors, of course the Blue Spruce will not change with the seasons.
October 21, 2007 and this Oak on Glenwood is just starting to gain some color.
Half way to my mother's house a corner lot has three wonderful Red Maples and a beautiful Blue Spruce. It's always a treat to drive past this intersection.
This Maple shades my patio during the summer and turns beautiful colors in the fall before dropping its leaves on my patio. It looks so skinny in this picture but it does a great job overseeing my house. This picture really surprised me.
Same tree I pictured a year ago on the previous post. What a nice highlight to driving home. At the east end of the parking lot where my little Fiat lives.


Laura said...

These pictures are stupendous, my favorite being the stunning reds next to that huge blue spruce (always my mother's favorite). I absolutely love the captions!

oryoki said...

Laura, maybe before Halloween I'll post a new picture of the Red Maples because today they were about half gone. The leaves cover the yard in a brilliant red. I think a day or two will do the trick. The owners didn't rake today, Sunday. Hope they leave it a few more days.

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