Monday, July 7, 2008

Knee High by the Fourth of July

I thought it was time for an up-date on my summer gardening activity. It is our national holiday and corn should be knee high at this time. Not that I have anyone standing in the corn to verify visually BUT this corn is more than knee high. It's up to my waist.

The corn on the east end are not quite knee high but almost.

After clearing and pulling the stalks of corn from last year I used them as ground cover to protect the soil. They only covered the middle third of the plot and I think that is the reason for better growth by the corn in the middle.

I was thinking of adding some Strawberry plants in the "flower pot" and when I read Ray's story on preparing strawberries on his blog it became a done deal.

There are only five plants but I choose the starters with runners already there in hopes of these five little plants taking over the space in a few short years.

I also planted a few Petunias to be with my Italian Torpedo Onions.

The onions in the "flower pot" are starting to look good despite my fear of lack of sunlight.

My big plot of Italian Torpedo Onions in the common garden plots are not progressing as fast as I had hoped for. I'm thinking they spent too much time in the delivery box waiting for the plot to be prepared for planting. We'll see sometime in September if they are going to be ready for harvest. If not this year I will winter them over and they will likely be great in the spring.

Compare this picture with the one I took on planting day.
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