Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall Colors 2010

The fall colors in 2010 lasted for parts of September, through October, and into November. Many of the trees turned colors in a variegated fashion a branch at a time. Sometimes the trees had color, green, and bare branches at the same time. I think the long warm and dry fall season confused the trees.

This tree on east Valmont was the first color I saw.

The color of this Oak on north 17th lasted a long time and provided a brilliant show as I turned off Forest Street on the way to my mother's house.

The Tandy family lived in this house when it was built but moved on a few decades ago before the house became a rental property.

We had a big spring snow fall that caught some trees with early leaves. Several trees had to be removed and these are the replacements.

For a picture of this tree from '07 see one of my previous posts. Unfortunately the angle doesn't show the growth very well. This picture is from across the street.

Comparison photos are always fun and this one of Norlin Quad and the Library can be compared to a picture in the official program for the 1957 football game between Utah and Colorado.

The university has tree walks in the spring and fall hosted by knowledgable staff. A handy guide pamphlet is handed out for future reference and self guided walks.

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