Friday, October 1, 2010

Borlotti Bean Patch

Borlotti Beans, or as the seed packet spells it Borlotto, originated in Columbia and are called Cargamanto, in the USA they are known as Cranberry Beans. In Italy they are bred to have a thicker skin and are the favorite bean for Pasta Fagioli. Most of the Cranberry Beans sold in Italy come from the USA.

Just getting started in early summer all the seeds from the packet shared the space with the Italian herb Scuplit, a pole variety of Borlotti, and some unknown Black Beans harvested from Mike's plot last year.

I planted them closer than advised but they seemed to do just fine.

The beans hid well under the leaves but a good soaking from the garden hose exposed the beans.
So gorgeous with their variegated red splashed over the creamy skin. The bumps indicated the size and ripeness of the fruit inside.

After harvest and ready for their trip to Frasca Food and Wine. Not to worry I kept a large amount for myself.

Each bean pod had a little collection of brilliant beans. They felt lighter in weight than I would expect for a large bean.

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