Friday, June 6, 2008

Gardening at Colterra Food and Wine

I am a member of the staff at Colterra Food and Wine. Visit the web site to learn why this garden is important to everyone that becomes involved with the restaurant.

The garden is an on going project with plantings trying to keep up with consumption.

Starter plants are everywhere waiting to be grounded.

These Rhubarb plants look a little spare because over the last weekend the kitchen made a wonderful Strawberry and Rhubarb Galette. We sold every one.

Someone's been trimming the Chives.

Greens used in our salads.

One should be so lucky to be seated on this table for six on the outdoor patio next to the garden under the shaded protection of hundred year old trees.

This house is called the "Gables" and is used for larger private parties. It is one of two historic houses that are occupied by the restaurant.

Behind the Gables is an area that will be covered this winter to allow greens to be grown year round.

These beds were just planted with tomatoes. Nothing like August tomatoes in Colorado.

Steven preparing an alfresco table for evening service.

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